Kobach Lies in forum to promote himself and his plan for voter suppression

At the Kobach public meeting on 5/31 in Wichita, Kobach was asked about the nature of his relationship with John Tanton.  Kobach stated that he met Tanton once.  Tanton is behind several documented hate groups, FAIR being the most prominent of these.  Kobach is working for FAIR and is pushing their nativist agenda on Kansas. At this meeting, he lied to our faces on this question, which shreds his credibility entirely.  One simply cannot believe what comes out of Kobach’s mouth.  Tanton is heavily involved with and has formed a number of racist entities to further his agenda such as the American Renaissance, a racist, pseudo-scientific magazine focusing on race, intelligence and eugenics.

Tanton and Kobach are the ringleaders of the anti-immigrant movement.  They will do anything to give immigrants the shaft including warehousing them in profit making prisons for a long time.  This will be at taxpayer’s expense, money that could be spent on something positive, like education.  He has also received campaign contributions from Tanton’s wife, Mary Lou.  Kansas is just one stop in Kobach’s plan for bigger things, do you want this guy running for president?  It is time to nip Kobach and his agenda in the bud.


What Kobach is really doing with his time!