To friends of the Occupy Movement throughout the world.

I am calling on all members of the Occupy Movement. Our aims; to send an important message to people throughout the world, bring the Occupy movement more attention in the media, and give the campaign further momentum.

UK Music Producer, Mister Biscuit, has collaborated with BBC2 award-winning songwriter Megan Henwood to create the song “People Of The World (UNITE)” a powerful video documenting the Occupy Movement.

The purpose of this video is to encourage the youth of the world to speak out, voice their opinion and to have their say about the world they want to create.

You can view the video here:

We have taken footage from various Occupy protests throughout the world. All footage is credited in the notes on YouTube.

We already have the support of many of the Occupy groups, and it would be fantastic to have you on board as well.

What I am asking for you to do is to post this video on your:

  • Facebook Account (Occupy Group Page and personal account)
  • Twitter Account (#MisterBiscuit and #Occupy)
  • Website
  • Blog.

Doing this today will ensure that we have the maximum amount of exposure on YouTube, Twitter etc.

2012 is an exciting time for the Occupy movement and I am looking forward to playing my part in creating a fair and sustainable future for everyone.

After all, WE ARE THE 99%

Many thanks

Steve Jones

You can view the video here


OccupyWichita - Women Occupy?

Nancy Mancias
Jan 21 (5 days ago)
to vforristal09me
Hey Occupy Wichita, 

Over the amazing months since Occupy Wall Street started and mushroomed to cities around the globe, it has become clear that a space for the women ofOccupy to share stories, best practices, ideas and frustrations and organize creative actions across cities would be awesome. We are working to create such a space and we need you.  

Is there a women's or safer spaces working group/committee at Occupy Wichita? Are there women organizers that would be interested in being part of this conversation across state borders, by a new email listerv, a new website forum (see, and/or conference call?  Can you forward this to them? <

We have an opportunity to vision together, learn from each other and create some surprising and effective actions while nurturing ourselves and bringing leadership and empowerment to the communities of Occupy around the world. We're hoping to come together to create an action plan for International Women's Day, March 8, 2012.  

If you or others you know are interested please hit reply.  Hope to be in touch!  

Also you can stay posted on this community by signing up here and following @womenows and @womenoccupy!  

Nancy Mancias