Occupy Wichita General Assembly at the Central Public Library at noon, 3rd floor at 12:00 noon on Saturdays.  Monday GA has been changed to Tuesday still 12 Noon at the South Entrance to City Hall , 455 North Main. For protests on Saturdays, see Events, Calendar or Home Page. Sundays from 3 to 5 pm.

May 31  Friday between 4 & 5 PM

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      We will meet at Central and Main to march in the Riverfest parade. We are #10 in section 1, marked "Occupy Green Groups". The theme will be "One Planet Living".  Costumes are OK, however, they cannot be contraversial or political.


The epidemic of police brutality sweeping through America has arrived in Wichita. People are getting shot when police have an overwhelming choice to use non-lethal measures in a given situations. Five people are dead since October in Wichita. The investigations are done by the WPD reporting to the Sedgwick County District Attorney.  Not once have the police ever found themselves at fault. This really strains credibility.

Many of our police officers act with integrity, displaying great respect for the communities they serve. Others do not. We now call upon those decent officers to stand with us in denouncing the reprehensible actions of those who tarnish the department's reputation. The Wichita Police Department is not operating in a transparent manner. Since October of 2011, four people have been fatally shot by Wichita police officers, each under dubious circumstances.

  • Karen Jackson, a 45-year-old grandmother, was killed by officers who claim she had a knife, although contrary reports state the knife was actually in Jackson’s purse when she was shot.
  • Timothy Freeborn Collins, Jr., 17, was a respected and well-liked student at Northwest High School, and contrary to police claims was not in a gang and did not have a gun.
  • Marquez Smart, 23, was killed by officers in Old Town.  Marquez did not own or have a gun, had no criminal record and was shot while running away from the crowd.

  • Troy Lanning II, 24, was unarmed and running away when he was killed by an officer.

The Wichita Police Department has treated the families of those shot by its officers with an appalling level of disrespect. The department has withheld information, refused to answer any of the families' questions, made public statements that the families know to be false, and has made atrocious statements in reference to those slain. 

Occupy activists call for the US Attorney to investigate and convene a grand jury these police shootings. The WPD currently carries out its own investigations of police shootings. The police cannot be trusted to police themselves.

Protest Mondays at noon—City Hall south doors