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October 5/11 General Assembly Minutes

From OccupyWikita

Here are the minutes from the Occupy Wichita GA meeting. We are trying to address any and all concerns of the people. Feel free to join us on any of the days to continue the discussion. Also feel free to discuss the minutes and we hope to have you volunteer if you find yourself able to aid in any of these tasks we need accomplished. Without you all, there is no movement.

Emphasis on “Branding” i.e. More Occupy Wichita Signs and banners

Flyers – production – See Anthony

Media group is working on Internet infrastructure

Need objectives from each group

Getting the word out

People should pass out flyers

Organize marches to specific places

Going up to people in person and handing them a flyer and talking to them

Reach out to marginalizes groups - Be welcoming and initiate conversations

Out on First Street, hitting prime points during rush hour traffic saying “Occupy Wichita ”

Getting the message out Advertise Saturday

Rain on Saturday prepping for it

Skill sharing

Report back to groups

Affiliating with other groups

Out reach

Peace center

Police information – See Jennifer

Consensus about general assembly time

March 4:30 – 5:30 Group assembly @ 6

Cameras to post general assembly

Trac phones for each group – for better communication coordinators

Petition city council

October 6/11 General Assembly Minutes

From OccupyWikita

Process of communication

  • E-mail chain with other occupy sites – Cody facebook.com/occupykansas

  • Using the calendar on face book to post events instead of the wall

  • Consolidating face book pages maintenance guidelines for face book pages

  • Occupation – we are here and open

  • Jess – Cannot sleep but we stay in the park need to stay in contact with the police

  • City attorney – first amendment privileges – they are okay with what we are doing here

  • 11:00am parade cattle drive on Saturday

  • Face book groups are going to get together

  • Various protest methods while Brownback is here – silent protest

  • Don’t be crazy, no screaming, no approaching cars unless beckoned remember to represent us with respect and peacefulness

  • Petitions – see Cramer

Local action Pro community consciousness

  • Bush is coming to Wichita November third peace and social justice center planning opposite protest against the Wichita chamber of commerce

  • Need to work on writing solutions

  • We have a lot of opinions and reasons but we need to come info agreement – focus on educating each other

  • Police decimated San Francisco

  • Build study and research groups bring educational speakers and building research

  • Action – Ryan local sustainable infrastructure

  • Speak with peace

  • Contact info bucket skill and resource board

  • Ask for questions after each person is done speaking

  • Adopt a strict non-violent policy – our job to help.

  • Paco – Fed reserve should be focus Agreement on that it is one of the biggest problems

  • This is peaceful – peace miners

  • Let’s keep the political rhetoric to a minimum – focus on communal education

  • Food for Saturday – see Anthony

  • Craig Ainsworth – planning to organize work shops

  • Shane from Tulsa – let’s keep political rhetoric light and short be brief with the media

  • KMUW – Andrew is writing a piece

  • Do we need workshops on efficiency of communication – Who will help lead

  • Should we set a time limit on how long each speak

October 10/11 General Assembly Minutes

Occupy Wichita General Assembly 10/10/2011, 6:10 pm .

Location : Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park; Wichita, KS

Chair of Assembly : Ben — ?

1. Read Declaration of the Wall street Occupation

2. Objective : ( D.L.) Should OW (Occupy Wichita) , and or /participants of OW, be allowing our movement to be listed as supporters of individual Political action committees? How should we handle this matter , as an issue arose with an event that listed Occupy Wichita, on a Moveon.org event.

CONSENSUS: OW shall not be exclusive to any one political strata. We will welcome all ( almost) organizations, groups, teams, and PACs to the Occupy movement , but will not claim any allegiance to specific organizations , whether they be from the right left or in between.

3. Objective: (T.H.) We need to address the issue of important posts , comments, and status reports from the OW movement have been disappearing from the various , but specifically the #OW page. Illustrated is a matter of safety as well as free speech and inclusivity. Who are the Administrators? What can we decide to do in reaction to this.

CONSENSUS: pt. 1 Moderation of the site(s) should be transparent and democratic. All who volunteer to administrate should have a working understanding of what is and isn’t considered an acceptable post to the FB groups ( open or closed) AND should adhere to the policy of consulting at least 2 other administrators before removing a post or person from the page.

Pt.2: Ignore people’s offensive/ dissenting posts, and those people will go away. In the very least the post will be buried/ hidden quickly by FB filtering.

4. Objective: L.B. All web designers, FB page creators operators, participating in the assembly, should notify and clear with the media team , any and all objectives or information that will be made available to the public. This is to combat many reports the conflicting information, scheduling of events , and any information regarding the OW movement. CONSENSUS

5. Objective: Need to set standards for cleanliness of park while we are occupying and for when we are not present.

CONSENSUS: After daily assembly everyone should take a few minutes to clean up the site, remove garbage , and pick up cigarette butts. If you bring a sign you should take it with you , Do not leave personal belongings, all food left at the site should be given to the homeless and /or delivered to the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church located between 2nd and 3rd on Ohio st. All collective items will be stored for now in a locked space at Candice’s House , which is located at 1st and Grove



… What are we planning for Oct. 15 solidarity marches?…

… Andre- would like to move that at the beginning of each Assembly 2 volunteers are selected to perform outreach to acknowledge the people passing by who may be curious about what we are doing …

October 11/11 General Assembly Minutes

1 Solidarity - laptops passed around to add yourself to the available pages.

2 Blankets and quilts washed and cleaned available for pick up. Thanks to all the lenders of blankets.

3 Declaration of Occupation read by Benjamin

4 Voices of the general assembly

5 Saturday Oct. 15th - national big push for unity!

6 American dream movement representative in attendance.

7 Michael Shatz - Media director from occupy wall street nyc wishes for a twitter/face book Q&A.

8 Information pamphlet handout, street team support, and meet and greet with students of WSU to promote the youth movement participation.

9 Hot food support, late night food movement for the comfort of our loyal supporters was suggested.

10 Everyone help with litter.

11 Group clean up time.

12 Media focus to avoid being bombarded with loaded questions from reporters

13 Dedicated spokesperson? Visible person or autonomous group where we are all spokespersons?

14 KBW(*5) morning edition accurate piece on the size of the movement and it's message was reported. Link to be provided at a later date.

15 Issue from Saturday, one member complimented us on our diplomacy with dealing with dissent.

16 It was stressed that this is a people's movement and all types are welcome as long as they are in agreement with the declaration of occupation of NYC

17 Internet cohesion

18 Working on a declaration of occupy wichita

19 Petitions

20 list of demands for occupy wichita. Suggestions welcome from all.

21 Move to adjourn.

October 13/11 General Assembly Minutes

Old Business

- Face book issues are no longer to be discussed in General Assembly.

New Business

Action committee:

- At at time to be determined, we will be marching on the Kansas Policy Institute, a Koch-backed think tank.

- Nov. 3, George W. Bush will be at Century II at 6 pm. Our presence will known.

- We will be staging marches through Old Town on Friday and Saturday nights.

- General Assembly will be held closer to the street.

- Occupy Wichita representatives should begin attending city council meetings, school board meetings, etc.

- We need more literature in the form of fliers (side note: all printing needs may be directed to myself (Mike Shatz) or Nina.

- Committee action reports should be brief, if possible. However, some subjects do require more time to discuss.

- The Sunflower Action Committee brought up the subject of demonstrating at Wells Fargo… in zombie costumes!

- The proposed agenda was passed around for comments and input. The agenda amendment process is ongoing.

- Those speaking at GA will be limited in by time. A kitchen timer will be used. Specific time limits are still under discussion.

- Anyone with spare scrap wood please contact Benne.

- Saturday bands – Cletus got shot, Dub-Step, Evil Bastards.

- Saturday food – Potluck, donations from Cox Farms. Any leftovers will go to food banks.

- There is some talk of whether or not we should plan marches after Saturday noon GA’s. Or perhaps they should occur naturally.

- Nina will be setting up a table for Sat., filled with literature. Those with literature should contact her.

- Jack Talbert spoke briefly. Talbert is running against Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Ks). Talbert is a libertarian. He expressed support for Occupy Wichita. Occupy Wichita does not support nor endorse any candidate running for any elected position.

- Several people (Mike included) have expressed the need for a list of committee members for each committee.

- As proposed in the agenda, each committee should have a member present at each GA. The committees also need to exchange contact info for better coordination.

- We will be participating in a clean up at the Nature Center at 29th and Woodlawn, tomorrow, from 1-4pm.

Also, important to note: At General Assembly, the person holding the bullhorn has the floor.

October 14/11 General Assembly Minutes

CJ reads the Declaration of Occupation of NYC

Hand Signal review

20 flyers zombie walk push again tomorrow

We are protesting:

Time discussed: 5:00 pm lets people get off work and bring kids along and still trick or treat.

Public meeting on the 29th for the Sunflower Action Committee

Voter registration

Art committee

Method of who speaks

Decibel levels for performances

Music levels for conversations

Should we allow political figures to speak?

flyer / projector to shine the flyer

moveon.org - american dream movement

Speak with Brody if interested in a 3 day Occupy visit

screen a documentary

Ashley from Emporia found out about this through online communication

One of our members is acquiring a list of locally owned businesses within wichita

NYC still being up and running was discussed. A strong show of support was universally given.

Gazebo usage for Saturday

End of meeting called

October 17/11 General Aassembly minutes

  1. Declaration read
  2. Action Committee-
    1. Action Friday, Oct 21, 11:30 am – 1pm, 2nd and Water, Kansas Policy Institute, a Koch “think” tank with focus on connection of Kochs to Citizens United Supreme Ct. decision of Jan 21, 2010, which equates money in politics with 1st Amendment speech rights.
      • Also a request to the art and culture group to plan something for this action with a banner or possible street theater?
      • Please spread the event on FB, email and personally even if you are not able to attend.
    2. 10/31 Halloween Zombie crawl to Wells Fargo, 5pm
  3. Problem raised re: having a central place for Current_events to be posted (issue with multiple websites, fb pages, etc…)
  4. Proposal to approach City Council in the public comments time allotted to publicize history of park and the significance of its representation.
    • suggestions: Instead of the City Council, approach the Historical Society and have a festival
    • Petitions
    • Letters to the editor
  5. Occupier raised the problem of mixing Occupy Wichita/Wall St. material with other things like opposition to vaccinations, which gives the appearance of tacit support, when there has been no agreement with such issues. In the future here should be a different table for literature that is not specifically Occupy material.

A note from the minute taker: Dress warm and in layers, start bringing hats and gloves. When the sun goes down it can get cold and windy. We may not be camping out, but the daily presence is so important for the movement to maintain and grow. 100 half sheet copies of the Declaration were printed, 75 were distributed to both individuals and occupiers to take to others.


0ctober 21/11 General Assembly Minutes

From OccupyWichita
  • March – Zero Police presence
  • Was told by security to not cross threshold
  • Dave Traver present: Director of KPI
  • Consensus is Overall effective March
  • Coverage by two mainstream media stations, KSN & other unidentified; NPR covered March; Thanks to Mike Shantz for MSM press coverage.
  • Janice Announced a Call from United*** For A March On Saturday Oct. 29th at 47th & Oliver to Koch Industries.
  • Suggestion Made about Button Making
  • Advisory made: Meeting Rooms at Library cost money
  • Information Pointed out: Offices at AFL have been offered for use for free.
  • Informative Point Made: Canopies Have been donated already by BanjoBen.
  • Discussed local independent film being shown currently at TallGrass Film Festival, “Incident at Bahgdad” Everyone is suggested to atttend.
  • Peace Cake was given to all for yummy treats & nom nom nom.
  • Current March Advisories: Security Guard was spotted taking pictures of protesters.
  • Kramer discussed Group Assembly Dynamics and the that the focus should be directed to working groups and that disenfranchised speakers should be allowed to speak first.
  • We discussed Knowing & Following the NYCGA Model Should be a main focus for our occupation.
  • We discussed that Politics has NO PLACE in General Assemblies.
  • We discussed that working groups should report first before speakers.
  • We discussed how working groups should have a proposal before they address the general assembly.
  • Andre from the Declaration Working Group discussed the importance of the Occupy National Convention and that all interested in working with national convention can work with him as he has been actively participating with the general assembly of NYC to organize a National Assembly.
  • Discussed having a timekeeper
  • Candice discusses the importance of Culture Jamming.
  • Janice discusses the importance of Outreach. We are all outreach.
  • Bill Announces City Hall meeting with Janet Miller He wishes all that have the ability to come to discuss local issues. City Hall meeting starts at 9 am at Meads Corner.
  • Discussed the March: Minimal Police Presence
  • Many Protesters were told by security to not cross threshold.
  • Dave Traver was present. He is the Director of KPI.
  • General Concensus was it was an effective March.
  • Suggestion For Button Making
  • Offices at AFL have already been offered for free.
  • Discussed: Library office meeting rooms cost money.
  • Discussed: BanjoBen has canopies that have already been donated.
  • Proposal for Mobile out-reach to SRS Center.

October 24/11 General Assembly Minutes

Here's the minutes from Oct 24th Chair - chris erwin

1 Hand Gestures reviewed

3 Importance of organization and current updates stressed

4 Working group update

5 This Saturday, Oct 29th:

6 KPI March review:

7 Tomorrow morning (Oct 25th) city council meeting will be attended by Jessica and Benjamin.

8 Difficulty with organization at the GA was further discussed

Anthony, Bill and Verna If there are others working on this too use the above email to consolidate efforts

9 It was noted the Wiki can be edited by anyone

10 The fountain/waterfall is no longer running

questions were asked as to the location of the powered microphone

11 Legality and feasibility of cooking food at the park was brought up

food gets complicated - eat at own risk, people bring what they choose homeless shelter to finish donations

12 Events review:

13 Media team with a focus for documentation was discussed

14 End of GA

October 25/11 General Assembly Minutes

From OccupyWikita

Bill - chair1 General assembly rules and hand gestures discussed 2 Clarification on certain key gestures

  • One index finger = fact correction. not an argument ie time/date/address correction
  • Hand cupped to ear = speak louder
  • Both hands in a rolling motion = wrap it up
  • X with both arms = vehemently opposed, deal breaker. totally against. - differs greatly from disagree
  • Arms in a T shape = off topic 3 Proposal handed out
  • Proposal scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday Oct 26th at the GA meeting 6 pm
  • Working groups announcements first
  • Stackers will be used to make sure we are not talking out of turn
    • Stacker = discussion organizer for order. progressive stacking, voiceless first
    • ie those who speak most must wait to speak last
  • A total of three procedures will be presented by the working group
    • GA procedures
    • principles of process
    • hand signals 4 Media team - press release
  • Mike S. has provided a copy but it will not be made completely public until finished
  • User must register in order to view
  • press release was suggested to amend to stress the importance of Saturdays for marches
    • general agreement was met at assembly 5 Temporary working group for event boards
  • Plywood donation money - $40 needed and/or donations of plywood accepted
  • Plywood will be used to make chalk boards
  • Fold up boards were also suggested
    • maneuverability and flexibility were key points 6 Accountability and access for Treasury discussed
  • Where is the money collection and how is the Treasury being run?
  • Information to be provided to the GA when accurately compiled 7 General Announcements
  • Follows working group updates
  • No discussion
  • Time period to tell what individuals are doing
  • Independent action that follows the lines of the movement 8 Next Tuesday * city council meeting
  • Every Tuesday at 8 am 9 Invitation for labor federation central zoo Thursday
  • Various reps from different labor organizations
  • 6:30 pm meeting time
  • Open invitation - volunteers being accepted for who visits
  • Work towards a cohesive statement
  • Respectful demeanor - note takers to inform the public of open dealings 10 End of GA

October 26/11 General Assembly Minutes

Meeting called to order by facilitator, JB.
3 page Procedure proposal was read, rules reviewed.
Working Group Announcements:

Action Group proposed a march on Friday, Oct 28, 5:15-5:45 from Lewis Park to the Lord's Diner, Broadway and Central to distribute the declaration to all interested.
Proposal has consensus.

Procedures Working Group presented 3 page proposal for procedures to GA for discussion.

There was discussion of "progressive" stacking, which gives preference to disenfranchised groups. Some were not that comfortable with the idea but it was agreed that the point is for everyone to have a chance to speak. V will adapt the proposal to amend the stacking proposal with options.
Consensus decision was made that it is not necessary to read procedures before every GA, with consideration to taken to training people new to the procedures. There was a decision against hand signals as SOD? in GAs (transcription trouble)

General Announcements: BA called for an Internet resources working group after researching our numerous groups and those of other occupy sites.


October 27/11 General Assembly Minutes

GA MINUTES 10/27/11 Action Working Group announcements:

Thursday 11/3 March on chamber/bush Saturday 11/5 1:30 PM March on Bank of America

Discussion: talk about moving from the Big five banks to local banks or credit unions. Differences between banks and credit unions was discussed. Working Group Proposals:

Procedures WG brought Proposals 1,2,&3 up for third vote. Proposal 1 was accepted unanimously (9 voting) Proposal 2 was accepted unanimously (13 voting.. 4 joined after the first vote) Proposal 3 was accepted unanimously (13 voting)

Discussion of need to read declaration before each GA. No general announcements. GA adjourned. (minutes taken by RP)

  • Call to order, BA facilitated and read Principles of Process (part of recent proposal)

  • Working group announcements.

    • Action group reported of possible action on Buy Nothing Day. Concerns were about hurting local business. Suggestions for Buy Nothing Day Friday and Buy Local Sat.

      • No action yet conceived, but can work toward an outreach flier...

    • Media Working group reported on fixes to website and clarified the roles of the media group.

  • Proposal for Standard Operating Procedures

    • Friendly amendments from the discussion were revised into the original document.

    • "Progressive" was removed from the text about stacking changed something in hand signals for voting, one hand up. changed process for actual votes vs consensus, votes with a clear majority are passed. Votes in minutes also reveal numbers.

    • Proposal in 3 parts was voted on.

Pt. 1 6 yes/ 1 no Pt. 2 6 yes/ 1 no Pt. 3 6 yes/ 1 no

    • DK amended for a flier of the processes be available for new people so that the principles don't have to be read every time.

  • Adjourned, discussion continued, but the minute taker had to leave after 7pm.


November 1/11 General Assembly Minutes

GA MINUTES 11/1/11 Action Working Group announcements: Thursday 11/3 March on chamber/bush Saturday 11/5 1:30 PM March on Bank of America Discussion: talk about moving from the Big five banks to local banks or credit unions. Differences between banks and credit unions was discussed. Working Group Proposals:

Procedures WG brought Proposals 1, 2, & 3 up for third vote.
Proposal 1 was accepted unanimously (9 voting)
Proposal 2 was accepted unanimously (13 voting.. 4 joined after the first vote)
Proposal 3 was accepted unanimously (13 voting)

Discussion of need to read declaration before each GA. No general announcements. GA adjourned. (minutes taken by RP)

November 2/11 General Assembly Minutes

GA Minutes 11/02/11

There was informal discussion about the Anti-Bush/Chamber event tomorrow. We will make an event for training on the wiki site, occupywichita.net for Sunday 1pm at the park. Bring laptops or notebooks.
Action Working Group Announcements Discussion about the economy working group and our needs to merge media/research groups to increase effectiveness. Work on the state tax issue, to research the interest of the 99% to educate ourselves and others. No Tax Bus tour (supporting Brownback's idea of no income tax in KS, is planning a stop at 3:30 pm in Wichita at Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

Other discussion on staying on topic with the media, having TalkingPoints to be more effective

NOVEMBER 4/11  General Assembly Minutes

6:15 GA called to order

Internet Resource Working group announced the creation of a website
which will contain basic info: Declaration, GA Minutes, Proposals, Events,
Working Groups (contact info, meeting times, projects).

Discussion followed regarding posting videos on site, Facebook problems, and 
censorshiop issues.

Occubus was described and discussed.

Meeting adjourned.

November 5/11 General Assembly Minutes

GA Minutes 11/5/11
Open 12:28pm
Mike S. - Facilitator
Abbey P. – Stacker
Mike S. reads declaration, GA procedures, and explains hand signals.
Announcement: Tamber - Matt from Occupy Lawrence in contact this morning about traveling to Occupations and inviting them to Occupy Koch in Wichita starting November 21st.
  • Bill – announce this to action working group and get on top of it
  • Ben – Point of clarification: Is this all of Occupy Lawrence?
  • Tamber: I believe so, as three different people have contacted me on this from OL
  • Ben K – trying to organize a ride to OL and Occupy Kansas City to bring them down here.
    Point of Process called
  • Janice – OW has a voice of when and where it should demonstrate. Koch’s are a target, but there are other targets in the community. We can’t have other Occupations telling us when and where we will Occupy.
Announcement: Michelle – Wants to create a pipeline report and gain more information.
Bill: get with direct action on this
Announcement: Elizabeth – Demonstrating in front of Bank of America at 1:30, call for participants. Has props, chant pages, etc.
Announcement: Janice – passed out Mothers and Fathers flyers at Vet march, over 200. Rundown of days events: 1:30 BOA protest and 3:30 protest for income tax laws at Lawrence Dumont Stadium. (Janice passed out the flyer for distribution at tax rally)
  • Susan: Having lived somewhere with no income tax, other taxes and fees were much higher. Must also note that the financial base of oil, tourism, etc. doesn’t exist in Wichita. Points to consider on the debate.
Announcement: Mike – We have been focused on the Right wing a lot. We should find some left issues that are within our beliefs to remain non-partisan.
  • Bill: Reminder to get on stack for discussion and announcements
  • Janice: non-partisan means you don’t support either party, that you attack them. Focus on issues, not politics.
  • Billy: Positive solutions should be the focus, let’s truly be non-partisan. If the issues happen to be on the right, that’s where the issues are.
  • Naythan: The left is accepting money as well
  • Chris: You have your own beliefs, but in talking to people and the media start with “it is my belief…”
  • Mike: If you feel the press has misrepresented you, talk to me (press workgroup)
  • Elizabeth: perplexed about fighting the left. In a few months, it will be candidates. It’s issues now.
  • Andrea: First time at GA. Corporations hijacked the democratic process, this is why we’re here
  • Billy: Facts and figures show campaign donations are equal on either side of politics
  • Janice: Social security and medicare cuts are from both sides
  • Elizabeth: in 2008, BOA bought Merril Lynch and all of their toxic assets…
    Point of Process
  • Susan: make a list of city councilpersons who also take money… start local
  • Chris: Buy local, vote with your dollar
  • Michelle: Politicians are all from the same school. They’ll put money behind whomever will probably win.
  • Mike: They are all divide and conquer
    Point of process and wrap up called
Announcement: Mike – soapbox after adjournment
Announcement: Tamber – Occubus meeting at 5:30 for the workgoup; explanation of what Occubus is about
  • Janice: Still don’t understand why Occubus is a separate entity within the movement
  • Tamber: to remain neutral during the process of acquiring and outfitting a bus, as it is a lot of work.
  • Bill: Call for discussion after GA
    Point of Process
Announcement: Elizabeth – flyers about Scott Walker protest at Chester's Chophouse, Tuesday Nov 15th
  • Naythan: What’s the template for the movement (notes video of Occupy Chicago takeover)
  • Janice: this is a private fundraiser in a privately owned place of business. Don’t know about logistics
  • Susan: video posted on #occupywichita under “Susan Shocket”
  • Bobbi: Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Fed contacting nearby church for parking. Sidewalks surrounding restaurant. Big field across the street.
Announcement: Janice – next day after Scott Walker function is the SRS townhall meeting at Drury. This is a TOWN HALL, and the public is invited. Need to set up an action for this and get organized. They intend to privatize Medicare. 1:30-4:30.
Announcement: Elizabeth – back to BOA and Merril Lynch… Bloomberg has a leak that 74-5 trillion dollars is the estimated toxic asset total… they are setting us up for another bail out.
  • Susan: Remember people that sit on the Federal Reserve also run the banks… they are paying themselves

Mike: Call for time, meeting adjourned at 1:20… soapbox and BOA Rally.

November 10/11 General Assembly Minutes

No Proposals Working Group reports:
Internet group reports work on new website some discussion of occupywichita.net
Action group presented ideas for future actions
Announcements, photos by Pretty Magazine and D reported about Podcast

November 11/11 General Assembly Minutes

Occupy Wichita General Assembly Minutes for Friday, Nov. 11 2011
Facilitator: Benjamin Faure
Stacker: Bill Anderson
Secretary/Note-Taker: Abigail Parrish
  • Janice Bradley announced that the group Students United, which is part of Sunflower Community Action, is going to speak with the USD 259 School Board at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 14 regarding anti-bullying policies.  She will make an event on Facebook and the OccupyWichita.net wiki for anyone who wishes to go and support them.
  • Janice also reminded everyone that Governor Brownback's Town Hall Meeting on Childhood Poverty is this Wednesday 11/16 at the Drury Hotel from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  You have to register to be admitted.  Naythan Smith suggested that anyone with Occupy Wichita not identify themselves as such when registering to speak to avoid being singled out or denied access.  There is a Facebook event for this meeting.
  • Andre Seward announced that the Occupy Wichita Tumblr account was hacked and the password security settings changed.  Thus, the website is no longer under his operation or control.
  • Russ Pataky was concerned about the minutes being taken and posted online.  He is part of a new working group to create an Occupy Wichita website that is more user-friendly than the Wiki and operated by persons still active within our group.  That website is still under construction.
    Two proposals were voiced for consideration and will be brought up for vote at a future general assembly.  No proposals were brought to a vote.
  • Seth Telander proposed that we move the daily protest of holding signs on the street corners near Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park from 4:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. because of the changing weather and daylight.  Seth will bring this proposal back to G.A. at a future date.
  • Janice Bradley proposed that General Assembly not be held every day.  A friendly amendment was made to propose that General Assembly only be held three days a week.  A working group was formed to determine the best days to hold G.A. and will present a re-worked proposal to General Assembly in the future.

General Assembly was adjourned.

November 12/11 General Assembly Minutes

The Declaration Read by hillbilly

Stack lined up.
Announcements from groups

OCCUBUS: Powerpoint presentation: Why Occubus is good and why it should be supported (Powerpoint placed online for your convenience)
sketch: nonprofit organization, carries educational material, mobilizes those interested in Occupy Wichita, Legal representation comes with, could be used to cross-fertilize between Occupy movements in Kansas, and other states as well)
Russ: Cool, but concerns (money, labor, means)
Response: Occupy Wichita comes first
Susan: Great idea, but concern: insurance/liability costs.
Response: Won’t act until we have the money, and thank you for pointing out potential difficulty.
Bobbi: Excellent idea, but concern: Legal issues need to be addressed.
Response: Western Kansas wants occupy. www.occubus.org Have a lawyer on it
Tamber: This serves as a template for weath? and low pop. Density areas. Lots of potential, could use ideas, we meet at 5:30 pm tonight if you want to plan with us (though we are discussing changing this time due to weather). Finances of Occubus are separate from Occupy Wichita. Setting up a WePay account, making it incorporated, have PO Box, been meeting with other nonprofits to get advice, want to be legit.
Hillbilly: Benefit of the bus outweighs all objections so far. Traveling billboard, increases your presence and size.
Michelle: Mission statement copies are available for review.
  1. Environmental consciousness is important
  2. Can carpool rather than use bus.
  3. Since getting cold we might want to spend the money that would go to Occubus on a space.
Susan response: We have 2 locations, Peace and Social Justice Center and the Union available.
Tamber response: Can have GA on the bus
Susan: Non profits cost $750 can take 6 weeks to 6 months. Might want to talk to Peace and Social Justice Center to be a parent.
Tamber response: if nonprofits already exists that wants to parent, then cool

Ben: starting a structure working group to make a more efficient stacking method

Tamber: How to converge occupys through multiple states to stop the keystone pipeline. December 2nd, Protest Koch Arena. Looking for a Liason for Sierra Club for next 3 weeks. Contact Tamber (man? volunteers)

Susan: Childhood poverty forum (Bill: Union has protest @ 1pm for that) Next Wednesday. Note, if going, be educated. Don’t want to look ignorant. Look up Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation and read his arguments. Bring a friend. And if you’re planning on going, get registered.


Benjamin: GA not every day, but Saturday.

Response: Need to post 18 hrs before. Janice put it online. Janice needs to be here for that proposal.

November 16/11 General Assembly Minutes

Nov. 16 In GA we had a big discussion of the action and the arrest. D was released and walked from the County Jail to the Occupy site where she could arrange transportation home. She was in pain.

Action group: Occupier Tom James will be playing at the Artichoke at 8pm on Friday. Action group meeting Thurs after GA

November 17/11 General Assembly Minutes

Nov. 17 GA involved more informal discussion of the action, arrest, police bullying and abuse. How government employees like Siedlecki and his staff were suppressing our Constitutional rights to hand out the flier at the door and inside the room. Question of filing a police complaint was discussed. We need to consider the impending charges vs. our arrested occupier. A working group was formed to interact with the police department, and have a dialogue with them to hopefully prevent such occurrences.

November 23/11 General Assembly Minutes

Working group announcements:  The internet working group announced that www.occupy-wichita.com is approaching completion.  Contact information and current projects are needed for all working groups.  See web site working groups/contact for what this looks like and you can post to wichitadog@gmail.com.   The working group will submit the proposal for the first vote at next GA.  The site is at the above link for evaluation.

Janice updated us on Doris’s situation.  She does have legal representation who is speaking for her.  He is trying to make it go away.   It was also brought up that the police need to held accountable for the bully tactics on the part of certain officers.

From WSU professor and president of our local Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Vickie Stangle on the protests at Brownback's Child Poverty town hall. Must read!

Excerpt from article: WICHITA, Kan. - All across America there is a noticeable rise in police brutality against nonviolent citizens courageously speaking out against corruption and inequality within the American political system.

On November 16th, in Wichita, Kansas a group of protesters were unaware they were about to face some brutal treatment by the Wichita police for exercising their First Amendment freedoms, too.

For complete article click: http://www.kansasfreepress.com/2011/11/freedom-of-speech-is-relative-in-wichita.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

December 7/11 General Assembly Minutes 

Sunday @ 0200 PM, meet at library for sign making party in preperation for Monday's action

Citizens United working group meeting at library @ 0100 PM

Doris' courtroom date has been moved to January 10th.

Friday: 0700 PM Peace and Social Justice Center is hosting an art exhibit.

December 8/11 General Assembly Minutes 

Russ: has the forum up, and asks everyone to be sure to *email* him announcements/minutes instead of just telling him.  Also, please be patient, as he's learning as he goes.

Janice: Banjo says he's cold and wet. Parents want money to send to him to support him.  
Naythin response: Might be good to send material goods directly

Bernie Sanders proposed a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United, and to get corporate money out of politics.

A question to consider for acting against Citizens United: Do we want to move for a smaller, city-wise election, or hold off 'til November?

When we petition, anytime, it would be advisable to bring voter registration cards

Gamestop supports OWS?

December 19/11 General Assembly Minutes

General Assembly 6 pm, 12/19/11 Wichita Central Public Library, 3rd floor

*After some general discussion the proposal for 3 weekly GAs was discussed and voted on 5 in favor 1 abstention.

J reported on the citizens united group mtg from Sun. Demo for Jan 20 and speaking at the Legis. forum. Ideas for referendum still under discussion.

R. reported on the action today with some discussion on the relative merit of demonstrations

L reported on campaign vs. voter suppression to expose the DMV's unreadiness for providing free IDs. The 9th Circuit Ct declared proof of citizenship to vote as unconstitutional. Kobach is trying to get new law on the fast tract so 10th Circuit will make a contradictory ruling to the 9th.  Voter suppression at SRS and DMV, various government agencies who are not offering voter registration to citizens using their services, due to Brownback/Kobach policy.

Discussion of possible informational picket with a symbolic delegation vs. shutting down the DMV with a large delegation of people asking for free photo ID.
adjourned about 6:45.

*I understand that we had this vote under procedures not now in effect.  We did not publish the date of the vote with the proposal, so the vote doesn't count. We were operating under the older procedures that required voting 3 consecutive meetings after a published proposal. This was an innocent mistake.

December 20/11 General Assembly Minutes

We discussed the proposed GA schedule.  It seems like a good idea during winter when there aren’t many people showing up.  When the spring comes, we will probably want to go back to Daily GA.  We also want to make it easy to change if it becomes necessary for any unforeseen reason.

We will start a GA Minutes topic in the General forum in addition to posting on the website.  Anyone will be able to post to this forum.

We need to keep practicing the GA procedures since we will be the experts when spring and the crowds roll around.  It was suggested that we keep it as a group discussion if less than 10 or so people.  If more people show up, we use the GA procedures.

December 21/11 General Assembly Minutes

After some discussion and time to let people arrive, we voted on the proposal for 3 weekly GAs. It was unanimous with 7 votes and several supportive proxy votes if they are acceptable. We will try this system, hoping for continued meetings for soapbox and working groups in between the GAs. If we need to tweak it to make it work better, everyone is open to that.

We would also like to encourage sign holding and outreach after GA on Sat and before GA on weeknights at the Park on Douglas.

We had soapbox discussion about the promotion of political candidates on our fb pages. We thought the admin/s handled the problem with a good explanation after deleting the problem post/s. Thank you!

Informal discussion for the Jan. 3 Legislative forum. We mentioned several topics for speaking points and asked people to begin the research. Please consider working on a topic to make our presentations effective and strong.

1. Brownback's education funding formula change which favors small rural districts and will allow for richer districts to raise property taxes resulting in increasing inequality between rich and poor districts.

2. Connected with #1 is Brownback's plan to eliminate the state income tax, which will mean increases in property taxes, sales taxes, registration fees, etc., and great reductions in funding for various state funded programs.

3. Voter suppression via the new voter ID bill, with Kobach's attempts to speed up implementation of the citizenship documents requirements.

4. Possibly some research into the property taxes Legislators pay, Landwehr was mentioned here as paying lower than her neighbors.

5. ALEC membership of Kansas Legislators

6. Corporate contributions to Kansas Legislators

7. Keystone XL and the 10 year property tax exemption granted by the Legislature in 2006 which might eventually be more than $100 million.
adjourned about 7:20 pm

December 27/11 General Assembly Minutes

* Mike Shatz found a (possible) web designer.

*Outreach on campus on the wisewalk corner. Looking into using CAC, as it would be better for reaching everyone

* There are free speech zones on campus. A good outlet for civil disobedience, possibly

*Should go for an edgy, attract-the-young look on our websites.

* We are not, per se, Ron Paul supporters

* ALEC is being tested in Kansas.

* 8 news stories you probably haven't seen/heard this year (Alternet) -- google it!

* Local communities have their own enterprises for caring for developmentally disabled persons, and looking into selling these institutions to larger companies.

* People should write 3 minute speeches for Jan 3rd on: "ALEC, Keystone Pipeline, Allocation for Medicaid, Education, No income tax in Kansas, Voter suppression" -- do research, and post your essay on here. Practice it before you come

* We want to outreach to the homeless. Janice has a flyer that she wants to pass out at the Lord's Diner. Tamber is researching locations for more Homeless outreach

* "Those who make the decisions of our Nation are completely insulated from the consequences of their actions" - M. Shatz

* ACTIONS: Christmas Caroling, Thursday, 1 PM, Inside the Bank of America atrium on Broadway and Douglass.

December 28/11 General Assembly Minutes

Soapbox discussion to organize for Sedgwick County Legislative Town Hall etc.

December 31/11 General Assembly Minutes

Soapbox discussion to organize for Sedgwick County Legislative Town Hall etc.

January 4/12 General Assembly Minutes

Brainstormed ideas for actions and better organization.

January 18/12 General Assembly Minutes

Russ needs info for the site. Events, minutes, etc. Please send them to him.

Invite your friends to our events on fb and by email. Make sure you share and invite for all events

Make an archive of events on occupy-wichita.org

Action group Citizens United. March this Sat, 1-2 Will lhave musicians, wear black, bring signs, drums and noisemakers

JB reported on visit to County Counselor’s office about referendum petition for Cit. United. Citi Council could vote to pass petition language or it goes on ballot if we have the number required. We cannot do online petitions because the person collecting the page has to see the signature.

Passed out copies of text of petition for Cit. United. Still have to get it approved by counselor.

“Egg as person” may be on the primary ballot, so ours could/should be too.

Still a question about which election it should be on. More disc in Action group.

Some discussion on website background. People liked the gray background best.

NDAA group reevaluating protests. No protest this coming Monday, 1/23.

OW needs a new megaphone. May purchase with OW funds by spring.

Everyone who spoke at the SCKS Legegislative forum should write up and send as letter to the editor.

Discussion on Brownback’s tax plan.

Think about protesting KPI again, re their fundraising off our protest.

Louis introduced the Feb 15 planned action with Kanvote. Trip to Topeka vs. Brownback and ALEC.

Demand time audit of Sec. of State. Also Kansans United in Voice and Spirit (KUVS)

January 25/12 General Assembly Minutes

Occupy Wichita GA was occupied with the planning and discussion of the Feb 15 Topeka action.

Minute taker has details of discussion, not for publication at this time.

Several weeks ago, MS called for implementing GA procedures esp. for larger assemblies. This is definitely an issue. We need facilitator, stacker and minute taker. Working group discussion need to be in working groups.

January 28/12 General Assembly Minutes

19 people in attendance

  • Proposal to participate in St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday, 17 March ($25 fee)
  • Information about ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was given
  • The United States as well as the EU, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, and Singapore have already signed the agreement
  • It was signed in secret
  • Harsher internet censorship than SOPA
  • Information available at www.stopacta.info
  • The two year anniversary Citizen’s United Action from Saturday, 21 January, 2012 was discussed
  • News coverage on every local station
  • No mention in Wichita Eagle
  • The petition to put referendum on the ballot is not possible due to rules but can be put on the ballot for a special election
  • In the event we need a room for meetings, there is a board room rental available for $10
  • Nixon Awards sign-up sheet for performers and crew was made available
  • A screening of “Incident in New Baghdad” will happen at the Murdock Theatre                         (536 N. Broadway) on 10 February at 6PM (doors open at 5:30PM)
  • Film about July 2007 murders of two Reuters journalists as well as several civilians by U.S. military during Iraq War
  • Q and A with director James Spione and  U.S. Army Specialist Ethan McCord
  • Film has been nominated for 2012 Academy Award Best Documentary Short Subject
  • General Admission $10, Students – Seniors – Military $8
  • There is a garden at 915 S. Main, and people are needed to work it (perhaps an OccuGarden)
  • Flyers were passed out at the Wichita Regional Energy and Sustainability Conference at    Century II for Occupy Koch Town
  • Wednesday, 15 February 9AM meet up at Peace Center (1407 N Topeka) for day of action in Topeka
  • Action will happen at Kansas Statehouse (South Steps) at 2PM
  • Demanding disclosure from Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Governor Sam Brownback about ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) from Kansas Open Records Act
  • Going to Brownback’s office to hand-deliver 4,000 signatures against voter suppression
  • Flyers are available – For information contact kansanscount@gmail.com
  • Information about SB 1789 was brought up
  • Reduces mail delivery service from 6 days a week to 5
  • Transfers money from retirement fund into Postal Service Fund
  • Benzene (a natural constituent of crude oil) has been found in well water in Andover, KS
  • Cletus Got Shot and Carrie Nation will be performing at The Wichita Ballroom Friday, 3 February
  • Occupy the Highway will finish their 750 mile march from Washington DC to Atlanta, GA on Sunday, 29 January (friend them on Facebook and congratulate them)

January 31/12 General Assembly Minutes

ACTA - discussion. Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement was signed by Obama in Oct. PIPA and SOPA are attempts to codify the treaty into US law. Opposition in Europe, particularly Poland, huge march in video. Try to tie demonstration with nat'l/internat'l actions. 

Citizens United. Work toward formation of petition. ? of which election. City must call special election if no election within 90 days. 180 days to collect. Will format petition with text and go to County counselor for approval. Two City Councilors who signed on were Miller and O'Donnell, kind of opposites usually.

There was also discussion of press pass denial at the Capitol, Koch money to legislators, need to implement procedures and separate GA from discussions. Occupier shared some experiences from OWSNYC.

adjourned about 1:30  jb

February 1/12 General Assembly Minutes

Since people have had difficulties with the forum, it will become public. Anyone can post, no one has to sign in.

Janice will make proposal for the text in the petition to repeal Citizens United. There will be an anti-war action in front of the library on Saturday February 4th.

Louis wants to gather the testimonies by Monday from people opposed to expidited implementation of Brownbacks voter suppression initiatives. There will be a meeting at the Peace House on Saturday, Feb 3 at 2pm regarding the Feb 15th action in Topeka.

Tambour has been working with the people from Occupy Kochtown. People are needed to assist in various capacities such as giving directions, rides, keeping things organized etc.

For more information http://www.occupykochtown.org/

Three day activity list

February 4/12 General Assembly Minutes

Citizens United Action group report. 

International Day of Action vs ACTA, Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement has already been signed. PIPA and SOPA are attempts to codify it into US Law. Obama signed in Oct 2011. Discussion about treaties, artists, plan for an action on 2/11/12 with flier.

Proposal for participation in St. Patrick's Day parade in Delano on 3/17/12. Unanimous consent. We will likely wait until after Koch Town to start work and publicity.

Koch Town  "Fight the Pipe" the Keystone XL. Tabling at WSU on Feb 15, 16, and 17. Discussion of some plans.

Working group for theater


Incident in New Baghdad with local, Ethan McCord at the Murdock, 2/10 at 6 pm.

KanVote mtg at Sunflower today at 2pm to plan for the F15 Topeka trip

Adjourned for working groups to meet.

March 24/12 General Assembly Minutes

Michelle, Abby, Bill among others are traveling to Cushing OK  There will be a 6 mile radius designated as a no protest zone at the Keystone festivities there.  It was compared to martial law.

Koch reps warned the WSU green group and others not to march in the St Paddy’s day parade.  They will meet at 2 pm on Wednesday.  Some Occupy people need to be there to encourage letters detailing this.

Billie Knighton invited us to participate in the http://the99spring.com/ training event on April 14 from 10 am till 2 pm at CORE, 1004 N. Madison to train ourselves in non-violent action and join together in the work of reclaiming our country. History is calling; it’s time to step up.

Russ Proposed joining with Move on for April 17, tax day of action.  Proposal passed.

Louis explained “gut and go” tactics used in Topeka to sneak bad legislation through.  Call your senators and tell them not to pass this crap.

Doris’s trial is on April 20, it is important to have a good turnout in the courthouse to support her.  Also anyone who witnessed the incident needs to be there and her lawyer needs to be informed.

The legislative forum on April 21 is coming up.  We will be there and express our concerns, frustrations etc. to the legislators who show up for this event.

December 15/12 General Assembly Minutes


Wednesday – planning meeting for “the house I live in” – peace center. Nationwide faith based endeavor for Martin Luther King, Jr celebration on January 12th. Good way to advance mass incarceration/drug war work. 5:30 pm (contact churches/other orgs/peeps who want to be involved). Time is flexible to localities. Coming out of Atlanta, out of King’s church. Link or DVD.Fundraising for advertising would be good.

Went to Boulder. Turned out 3000 students for 350.org. Divest the universities w. fossil fuel holdings. (package passed around) Harvard voted 73% to do just that. President said no, but they’re punching at it. Starting this at the universities showing films.

Interfaith power and light starting a preach in for February 11th on the same topic (becoming cleaner, the churches run more green). Give a kit for a teachin to install solar panels.
• Recommend the book by Rifkin on the third industrial revolution.
• How many universities are using fossil fuel nationwide? Where is the money going to come from to invest in clean energy? (There is money in clean energy. Universities are doing this, WSU did this in 70’s/80’s. Reagan wiped that clean. Bringing it back, tho Koch Uni at WSU. Try to push it in their faces.)
• Is this divestment of Universities, or Uni investing into green? Divestment in particular, but both. Oil money doesn’t run uni.
• “The Third industrial Revolution” Rifkin
• “Deep Green”, a movie.

December 31’st, 6:30 pm, potluck for those effected by police violence and those sympathetic. (most of signed on, still working on a couple people.)

Poetry group formed. They want to research the cases of police violence, so I sent them our video interviews and letters and invited them to the potluck.

• NRA is at fault for all the shootings/guns/etc. Even if the police were properly trained, tension is way up there. (2nded). City Hall?

Vigil today on gun violence, nationally called by person whose daughter was shot in the head twice in a previous shooting. Virginia tech. MoveOn. CT. Haven’t seen much besides that except locally. Mary wrote ppl yesterday asking to call one today. Wrote to Mike Pogue. Let’s think, still in shock. Nothing planned yet, but peeps interested. MSNBC w. Chris Haze and Perry had two very valuable programs on the discussion, terrific speakers covering all the aspects. Connects w. the fear. Militarization of the police.
Worker Rights Working Group meeting at 3pm at SEIU Local 513


Candlelight vigil, 5pm Eastern standard time. At the Warren Theatre.

Officially Endorse January 12th?

Occupy Denver is sending a caravan through Wichita to the XL Pipeline for the action happening on January 7 and 8. I propose that we support the action, and possibly send some people down. They have yet to figure out their exact resources, but it’d be cool to send at least one person down that way, or join their caravan with vehicles of our own. [passed]

We endorse efforts to have a state GA and increase communication. We also endorse interpersonal and communicative discipline. [passed]

Revisit: Maybe do a Student debt/Business concert instead? Do research on student debt.”Rock the Debt”. Suffering, joblessness, are better ways to reach the youth. Don’t encourage negative involvement. It can turn off other ppl. “Anti-Brownback” [ not passed ]

Revisit: Direct Action for Police Violence. Should we plan a meeting for all of us in the working group to plan this out more? Only with endorsement from families effected, and with more advice from lawyers/community. [passed]

• Rannfrid’s friends have ideas. Mebbe we should speak to council members individually first in addition to what we’re doing. Had particular recommendations for cit review board. District advisory boards? Get more recon. [passed]

Online communication/Facilitation Workshop. Peace Center, 7:00 pm, December 27th? Whatever works best, let’s ask ppl [passed]

Occup Koch Town: Would like to keep that going in some form. Will have another Sierra club meeting. Could we, when Denver comes through, think about next time voting on a march on Koch. [passed]

December 22/12 General Assembly Minutes

Child at a school who was abused by the teacher. Teacher presently not in the school, since the parent contacted the BOE, but the parent is having similar problems with the administration that the police brutality group is having, who claims that they can't release any information until the investigation is complete.

Working Right Working Group meeting at 3pm on Saturday, Peace and Social Justice Center.

Facilitation Workshop at Peace and Social Justice Center, December 27th, 7:00 pm.

December 29/12 General Assembly Minutes

The house I live in – good committee, getting fliers and posters all over the place. MedKanKan. MedKanKan is gone. They have split into the cannabis project and something else. The Cannabis project is onboard. Spoke to Esau. Still waiting on the name of the other group. The Logo is not an issue for this anymore because.
New theatre in town. Dunbar theatre. 267.3036. Could use that for films/shows/etc.

Little girl run over by police officer – that story is full of holes. The highway patrol found this officer to be negligent. See what WPD says. The most damning report ever to come out of the highway patrol. What is the department doing about it? I’m going to be blogging about this. Family suing for 75 grand, city might be stonewalling. Mosley stated that the officer was not speeding. Passing an SUV on the right at that time. I want to show that there’s a pattern of lieing and stonewalling and nothing happening to the officers. Janice may talk to the family to see how they were treated by the police in the beginning.

Next week: 3:00 pm, p^sjc, worker rights working group

Facilitation ws next month. The previous ws went well.
Jan. 12-13, Organizer Training WS being attended by 3.
Idle no more: Uprising in Canada against Steven Harper’s C45, crosses the treaties that are in place w. the indigenous ppl. Chief Theresa Spence on a 17 day hunger strike. Doing round dances in shopping malls. Blocked streets, railways. The pipeline is mentioned. Being eroded away by the government. The reason the pipeline doesn’t run thru alberta to british Columbia is bc it goes thru ancestral lands. (Any recommendations on how we can support?) I’m trying to do some drumming here in Wichita. Signs on the internet that say “Idle No More” would work. Getting the native American ppl interested – get pictures of ppl out as posters. Rutledges interested in participating, kinda await and see thing, but interested. (Anything happening w. the blockade?) Yes, they’re down there, attempting to blockade. I invite you to read the “American Oil and Gas Journal” in the library. They’re concerned. Attempt to knot out some word pairings. Anything we do that has international solidarity.

Legislative forum on January 8th. January 5th brunch in a week from now w. the legislators. Informal.

Lend our support to the “Idle No More Movement” – emails, youtubes, drum circle – Proposal: We all use our email/facebook/twitters to raise awareness on “Idle No More”, and IF someone (variable) organizes a reasonable action, then we will go and do that action. [passed]

Social Media Workshop: Rescheduled for January 9th, 7:00 pm, Peace and Social Justice Center. [passed]

Rules of GA? We need to officially change the process if we’re doing it differently. [talked]

We use the occupy funds to buy both occupy-wichita.org and occupywichita.org. Continue occupy-wichita.org for one year to ensure we’re good. [passed]

We need to plan an action with humor for the legislative forum on different topics related to the legislator like last year. [passed]

Look into the process of filing a complaint by asking city manager Layton as well as other methods, and file it, and don’t limit what it is we file on, and have others file too. [passed]

w. subbing – cut the stipend after February, so February is the lst month. [I kinda need the money ‘til I get a paycheck, that’s why I ask for the extension] [table]

January 5/13 General Assembly Minutes

Worker Rights Working Group at the Peace and Social Justice Center – 3:00 pm

Girl run over, officer: Nothing found by Serello. Make and apt. w. Layton to question about the police officer. Put pressure on him to do something.

Earth spirit Kansas meeting: Energy fair 26th of January, 9a-5p at Century II. Encourage you to attend so that ppl can modify their behavior in the way they live their lives. Clean and sober from hydrocarbons.
Interfaith power and light: calling ppl to have a preach in at churches to reduce ghgasses.

Thursday, January 10th African American Coaltion – disproportionate minority contact w. the police/arrests. POC arrested at 3 to 4 times of white youth in Sedgwick County.

Metroplex, 6-8pm. Give the results of the research, and want community input.

Saturday, January 12th, 2:00 pm – House I live in at the Murdoch theatre – anti-mass incarceration film.
OccupyWichita.org is up and running alongside of the occupy-wichita.org.

2 of the city council member candidates have separately told me that they want to talk about our concerns.

Louis wants to talk b4 we go do that to collaborate on concerns. But Reeser might be good to reach out to. We should make our issue central to their campaign. I want input, please.

Do something against Kochs Again? We should do it right, take 18 months to plan it out. Not just for fracking, but make a whole long list of grievances. Want to aim for May 2014. – Want to keep the Occupy Koch Town annual. – Occupy Koch.

Tuesday, January 8th, 7:00 pm, Jury Room at the Sedgwick County Courthouse – Legislative Forum, speak on what speaks to you. Encourage participation of other ppl to speak out. : We should ask Louis to stand w. us, and we should stand w. Sunflower.

Tuesday, January 15th, 9:00 am, Martin Luther King’s actual birthday, Richard and Janice have signed up to speak. (Citizen’s Review Board, Leaflet Suppression of Walmart. If you’re available to attend, we go in after prayer and flag salute). : Recommend: “Citizen Grand Jury” phrase.

Thought about getting a PO box, and setting up a facebook event. : Paypal account might be better : Social media w. a quirky video : (for now, think about it)

Social Media Workshop, Wednesday, January 9th, 7:00 pm
www.occupy316.org is Mike’s blog.


Saturday, January 26th, 11am, Century II. “Free Yourself of Hydrocarbons”, flier distribution. [passed]

Move Monday Protest to Tuesday on the 15th. [passed]

January 30th – Run the Facilitation Workshop at Peace and Social Justice Center, 7:00 pm [passed]

Occupy 316


Sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to change the world.

January 19/13 General Assembly Minutes

GA MINUTES 1.19.2013

Energy Fair: Next Friday Jan 25’th, Saturday event is cancelled. All day, Century II. Walmart featured speaker, Bill Wince from WSU also there. 8a-5p all day.

February 8th – 10th: Interfaith Power and Light – Climate Preach In. Download a sermon/display to participate. Interfaithpowerandlight.org

January 24, Thursday – 7:00 – 8:30p at the Boat House – Citl United.

January 25th. Friday – 7:00pm, Pine Valley Christian Church – SOA Watch recap

Wichita is great, I like you guys! – Occupy Denver



Energy Fair: Next Friday Jan 25’th, Saturday event is cancelled. All day, Century II. Walmart featured speaker, Bill Wince from WSU also there. 8a-5p all day.

February 8th – 10th: Interfaith Power and Light – Climate Preach In. Download a sermon/display to participate. Interfaithpowerandlight.org

January 24, Thursday – 7:00 – 8:30p at the Boat House – Citl United.

January 25th. Friday – 7:00pm, Pine Valley Christian Church – SOA Watch recap

Wichita is great, I like you guys! – Occupy Denver



January 26/13 General Assembly Minutes


Cop watch 11:30 pm tonight, starting in front of the Warren Theatre.
Laury Lawrence calling for a bus tour to Washington DC, leave on the February 16th, return on February 18th. Idle no More calling for a huge rally to block the Keystone XL Pipeline. Bus fair 172 dollars roundtrip, go and come back. 24 hours total. Her number through Sierra Club is 316.516.3632
Mass Incarceration Meeting on the 6th, peace center, 6:00 pm. Some people are writing letters, some going to Topeka on Wednesday. Leaving at 9:00 am to testify on restricted drivers licenses bill on ppl suspended.
Richard has a meeting w. Layton on citizen’s review board.
“I am Rachel Corey” next Friday the 1st in Bethel. Janice Will be driving up. It’s at 7:30 pm.

• IF you can’t go to Washington DC on that day, we should do an action against the Keystone XL. Anniversary of Occupy Koch Town. February 16th on Saturday. Think about it for next week. [passed]
• Add a section to GA to have a “spit ball” session, to keep people on topic in each section. AMEND: Review and revise the official rules. [tabled until formally put together]

GA Closed.

February 16/13 General Assembly Minutes

City council elections are on February 26th. Mary Dean, Richard Stephenson, and David Glover are sympathetic.
February 27th, Wednesday, at Peace and Social Justice Center, 7:00 pm
Labor Demonstration on February 23rd in Topeka, 2:00 pm
Friday the 22nd, Washington Days at the Ramada hotel in Topeka. Network with labor leaders and get to know them personally.
Richard needs artists to make campaign signs. We have the materials to make signs, we just need volunteers to actually paint them, or to hand out fliers.
Every Tuesday S. side of city hall – noon, demonstrate against police brutality
Use occupy funds to help families w. financial obligations associated w. KORA requests. Will call Occupy peeps individually to see if they’re in support of this measure to get a vote [tabled until phone cue finished]

March 02/13 General Assembly Minutes


The legislative Forum had standing room only, the place seated ~300 ppl.

April 27th and 28th, Anti-Racist training in Kansas City, it’s free, but you need to provide your own ride and lodging.

We can KORA the DA for the records of the complete investigations. Maybe we should.

The next legislative forum is on March…26th or 29th? End of the month. It will be the last one.

FAMM – Try to connect to them.


Occupy Wichita Endorses changing KS-21-3215 (the statute which governs the justified use of lethal force by the police) so that it requires physical evidence, and there is not an incentive for the police to kill those they suspect.

April 6/13 General Assembly Minutes

Kids fair at MidAmerican Center. 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Tuesday, April 9th, Rally in Topeka against Brownback’s policies on women’s rights, 2:0 pm [mebbe check w. the league of women voters]

Why don’t we call representatives by the first name of “ALEC’? An idea when you talk to them.

JENI Meeting at Peace Center, Wednesday, April 10th, 6:00 PM

Film showings: Thursday, April 25th, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church “Five Broken Camera’s” (Maple/Senaca ish, West of that), 7:00 PM – Saturday, April 27th, SOA Watch Group “Harvest of Empire”, 2:00 PM at Evergreen Library (25th and Arkansas)

Mike made an event for the March Against Monsanto, May 25th, We need to start planning it further. Speakers, Route, stuff like that.

Going to Nebraska on Thursday, April 18th, Bus, 25 dollars (thru Event Bright), leaves at 6:00 AM, get back 10:30 PM same day, Stand Against Keystone XL: Nebraska Public Comment Hearing Event [ONLY PUBLIC HEARING THEY’RE HOLDING!!!!]

Enbridge Flannagan South Pipeline, Tarsands, fight it in the permitting stage, not yet built, going to Kushing Oklahoma. Gearing up to fight that one. Public comment open through April 29th, will get a flier to get how to comment on that one electronically, get that out. They say will bring more barrels of tarsands than KXL. No one’s jammed up to work on this one just yet, but we can fight this one at the permitting stages. Can stall it a lot longer if we gbet on board now!

3:00 PM, Murdoch Theatre, Labor Luncheon and fundraiser for Worker’s Center, Today!

2:00 PM, Southwinds clinic opening, checking ID, going on today.

May 1st – KLO is doing an outreach event, and the Peace Center is doing an evening gathering from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, Potluck.

April 13/13 General Assembly Minutes

R. said the website needs updating. Suggestions: Citizens' Review Board, Monsanto march, river clean up...he will send links for a networking tool he and other friends have worked on. People should check if it's appropriate for our website.

IGO is looking for new and good used tool donations, volunteers and donations. 3 new gardens are started and we need work on the Occupy Garden (Main St.) to get it ready for the tour. K. will put up events on FB and asks for our support. Wednesday is the Delano Farmer's Market.

New occupy traveler in Wichita. He will join us on Tuesday at City Hall. He asked us to update the fb pages with our correct meeting times.

Paul Davis, likely candidate vs. Brownback in 2014 will be at Oeno, Monday 5:30 pm

Report on the meeting with Clendenin. Question of subpoena power. R. will study Citizens' RBs in other cities to see where they get the teeth. The City is pushing technology, body cams, helicopters with heat signature technology...

Discussion of the Monsanto march, May 25. We may need to organize peace keepers. Proposed and passed to call for musicians for the march and to search our literature.

May 04/13 General Assembly Minutes


BOE, Custodians presenting a petition on May 6th, 6:00 PM, at North High School

Conference call w. an organizer w. Chicago, Kenwood Oakland. Fighting the school closings in Chicago, and trying to get many cities to file civil rights complaints on school closings. This is something we did last year, but we're looking for students and parents to put their actual names on it. We didn't have that connection last year. Don Landis is working the QuikTrip next week around lunch time and school out time to flier and get in touch w. students on this issue. [quick trip at harry and edgemoor, TBA date-time. Go to "Save Southeast" facebook page]

JENI meeting on Tuesday, 6:00 PM, Peace Center


We should buy the municipal government book, $25 dollars, and keep it at the peace center.

Riverfest parade on the 31st of May, Friday, $100 for parade registration -- go in as Occupy Wichita in a non-political theme. ie. "Green" and connect to Monsanto.

Plan the march
Tentative route: start at 1st and mosley.

E on 1st
S on Washington
W on Douglas
N on Mead
Finish -- Warren Plaza in the center. Short speeches.

Russ will set up an email

Kent and professor give a short speech at the end of the march. Science, local, environmentalism.

Armando Minerez maybe could speak? Janice get ahold

Flier? Quarter sheet. Bullet points, contact, Riverfest parade. Let's ask Mike.

Janice will ask SCA for peace keeper help. We want a bullhorn for the speeches at the end.

100 Posters describing the march, $30, Don, Janice, and Russ will put them up.

BOE, Custodians presenting a petition on May 6th, 6:00 PM, at North High School

Conference call w. an organizer w. Chicago, Kenwood Oakland. Fighting the school closings in Chicago, and trying to get many cities to file civil rights complaints on school closings. This is something we did last year, but we're looking for students and parents to put their actual names on it. We didn't have that connection last year. Don Landis is working the QuikTrip next week around lunch time and school out time to flier and get in touch w. students on this issue. [quick trip at harry and edgemoor, TBA date-time. Go to "Save Southeast" facebook page]

June 01/13 General Assembly Minutes

GA Minutes 6.1.2013


There were some timing problems w. the parade. Somebody has to be there early, but not everybody. Tweak the instructions next time so that people don't have to wait as long ,either [st patricks day is that way, too -- ask to come at 10:00 am, but doesn't start 'til 12:00 pm). Maybe 5:00 pm would have been good? 5:30? 6:00? Could have been more clearly marked. Knowing the name of the group helps, just ask the people w. clipboards.

JENI Meeting this week on Tuesday

KLO Collective Reading Group at 1 PM on Sundays, reading Dubofsky's "Labor in America: A History"

Save Southeast is looking to do door to door work in the neighborhoods around Southeast. Don Landis is the point of contact to get involved w. that. Raise support for Mike Garvey on this project.


Everyone at this GA will go to an organizing workshop run by Richard.[passed] JUNE 29TH FOR GA, AT NOON, AT THE LIBRARY.

We will donate $50 from Occupy Wichita to build Barns to block the Keystone XL Pipeline (to "Bold Nebraska"). [want to wait for Doug]

We should build another Marijuiana Banner

GA MinutesJune 08/13

Announcements-Ice Cream for Peace Sat 7-9 at the Peace Center
Biblical scholar on the Promised Land, Thurs 7 at Lorraine Ave. Church
Dunbar Theatre Benefit Sat 6/15 1-6 pm
Peoples' Town Hall in KC Sat 6/15 8am-8pm
Organizers workshop June 29 noon at the library (GA)


For active participation at the Board of Ed meeting with speakers against closing SE. Monday, 6:00 (can arrive at 6:20) at North high. Park east of school. Call BOE clerk to speak before 1pm Mon. 973-4553, issue is heating up with Rev. Eckels, Don, Mary, etc. The next BOE mtgs are June 10, 17 & 24. Please be there.

Discussion of petitions with other activists, investigating rules. Interest in decriminalization.

GA MinutesJune 15/13


Richard is going to City Council to talk about the need for citizen's review board 
this coming Tuesday, 6.18.2013, at 9AM.

Fundraiser for the Dunbar Theatre TODAY at 1PM to 6PM

Peace Center is having a fundraiser Ice Cream Social from 7PM to 9PM TODAY [Michelle Coba is 

REMEMBER: Every Tuesday at Noon we demonstrate against police brutality on the S. Side of 
City Hall. Any length of time you can give to demonstrate there, that'd be great. We've been 
Doing that for about a year, and we're still pushing for a Citizen's Review Board w. 
subpoena power.


Richard proposes that on July 2nd Occupy Wichita Endorses, organizes, and supports 
the fiml showing of "Chasing Ice" at 7:30, at The Go Away Garage [508 S. Commerce] 
We'll be doing kiddo watch, poster promotion, 50 dollars for the venue, and 
the organizers will pot-luck style serve food. [passes] 

[end meeting]

GA Minutes June 29/13


July 2nd, 508 S. Commerce @ the Go Away Garage, people doing stuff
should show up between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM.

Esau is showing a movie right now.

House of representatives passed the marijuana research bill.

Esau will be @ state fair

Emily Boyer is the new director of Planned Parenthood of Wichita.

Check out Ralph Nader's new book "Told You So". It's a manual for community action. He's
currently on CSPAN

The Bitter 70 blocked the sale of lands for oil distribution. He talked on David Letterman.

6.30.2013, 5PM, Elizabeth Bishop's house will have Representative Sloop [8518 E Longlake Street]. $15/person, $25/couple.

PUblic Hearing on the Drilling for OIl in Delano on July 11th. Keep ears/eyes out for
specifics. "Delano Neighborhood Association"

Monday, 6PM, Westar Hearing.

Wedensday we have JENI Meeting.

Friends University gave a room for Jack Cole, Tuesday, September 24th, LEAP speaker.

Went to CJCC and promoted the LEAP Event there. Some interest. Also brought up issues of
the citizen's review board.

Ran into Janet Miller about recent cop beating. She was interested and nice.

September 21st, Saturday, NOW's Bike Rally for a lobbyist in Topeka.


We, as Occupy Wichita, will organize other people to attend their DAB meetings in August to
speak in favor of a citizen's review board. [passed]


GA Minutes July 6/13

Report on Restore the 4th (amendment)
Protest the Americans for Prosperity Agenda, Wed. July 10, 5pm, 151 S. Whittier (West of Town East)
Corporate Crime Reporter $600 subscription/year
Special showing of Chasing Ice in Abilene with panel of 3
AFP Meeting, Monday
Pachyderm Club lunch Friday on Tax Incentives: A necessary evil?
Bob Weeks Youtube on Water, low flush toilets, Key Construction no bid contracts
Community Potluck at New Day, Sat. July 13, noon-2pm to get reports from other groups and find unity on issues to work together on.
Public hearing on Delano oil drilling, Thurs. July 11, 1:30 pm, City Hall
City Council meeting, Tues. July 9, 9 am, public comment on the Citizens Review Board.
Work to get a rep to the District Advisory Board meeting for District 1 on Monday, July 8, 6:30 pm, Atwater at 19th and Volutsia to support call for a Citizens' Review Board.
(Sorry for the delay)

GA Minutes July 27/13


Rodrick was ejected from the courtroom on Thursday from the trial related
to Timothy Collins Jr. for making faces.

9 am, Warren Wilbert's Courtroom @ the county, Monday -- going to the trial

August 21st, Wednesday, 9 am, Shirley Walker is speaking to the county commission

August 4th, 5pm, Cease fire of the gangs treaty signing, people from the community should
show up.

KanVote Meeting today at 2PM, at the Peace and Social Justice Center


Change GA Meeting times to the first Saturday of the month, once a month, so that we have more time to dedicate to supporting other groups. [PASSED]